Budget Analyst – Quantico, VA – 1830

Project Details

  • Analyze and interpret financial information and advise leadership of execution rates, obligations, accounting errors, reconciles accounts or other financial records. Prepare budget requests or justifications for funding when required.
  • Counsel or advise others on financial matters for National Intelligence and Military Intelligence funding, as well as, Air Force (AF) funding for Operations and Maintenance, Procurement and Research and Development funding.
  • Draft/review/route/validate financial documents to include AF Form 9 (Purchase Requests), AF Form 616 (Fund Cite Authorizations), AF form 1269 (Target Load Sheets), Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs), Miscellaneous Obligation Reimbursement Documents (MORDs), and other financial documents using the AFOSI database (MS Access and MS Excel) and the Automated Business Services System (ABSS), as required.
  • Review financial data through Commander’s Resources Integrated System (CRIS) for managing execution and prior year documents.
  • Produce financial status reports and presentations.
  • Navigate Financial Management Suite to clear/close prior year and current year outstanding financial documents.
  • Assist with HQ AF/ Resource Management, Secretary of the AF Special Investigations or internal tusks while providing the output with the specifications required. May include leading the task and consolidating Region and Director in-puts for review by the Budget Officer.
  • Provide financial management training and assistance to resource advisors and region financial managers when needed.
  • Coordinate and track fiscal year-end budget issues and upcoming funding initiatives. Craft and maintain a spend / execution plan. Tracks financial documents in ABSS from creation to final certification, and then in CRIS to validate proper entry at Defense Financial and Accounting Services
  • Assist with the processing or a Standard Form (SF) I 080 (Vouchers for Transfers between Appropriations and/or Funds), SF I 081 (Voucher and Schedule of Withdrawals and Credits), and Journal Voucher transfers for reimbursements and payments adjustments bclwcci1 Program Element Codes, Resource Cost Centers and Operating Budget Account Number/ Operating Agency Code through Defense Transaction Interface Module Systems and manual processing.

Minimum Required Skills/Qualifications:

  • Must have two (2) to five (5) year of experience as a budget analyst
  • Understand and the AFOSI corporate structure and the process for National Intelligence and Military Intelligence funding for 3400, 3600, and 3080 funding for the AF
  • Knowledge of the organization’s mission and functions of programs served in order to relate estimates to established budget categories
  • Know how to prepare and process Forms 9 (Purchase Request), AP forms 616 (Fund Cite Authorization), AF Forms 1269 (Target Load Sheets), MIPRs, MORDs, and other 11nancial documents using the AFOSI database (MS Access and MS Excel) and the ABSS, as required
  • Understand and have knowledge of accounting codes, data elements, and determine correct fund cite on financial documents
  • Have knowledge of and ability to read and understand lines of accounting (LOA)
  • Must be familiar with CRIS for managing execution and proper charges
  • Working knowledge of AF and Department of Defense Financials systems: DEAMS, ABSS and CRIS
  • Must be able to craft and maintain a spend/ execution plan
  • A Secret clearance