Integrated Financial Solutions

We use established, proven, and practical solutions to mitigate financial risks and challenges that our government clients face every day. Our team is comprised of highly specialized professionals who ensure services are delivered in accordance with guidance established by the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB), DoD Comptroller, U.S. Standard General Ledger structure, OMB circulars, and GAO guidance.

We assist our clients with accurate reporting of their financial position by ensuring that all transactions adhere to generally accepted accounting principles and comply with federal rules, regulations, and policies.

Through our knowledge of interpreting and applying generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to critical functions such as Accounting Operations, Financial Policies and Procedures, and Financial Control and Reporting, we understand the end-to-end financial business processes and expected results, maximizing your financial systems.

Our budgeting expertise and knowledge directly supports federal government performance management initiatives through federal-specific functions that include budget formulation, justification and defense and budget execution in line with client strategic and tactical priorities.

Our team provides fiscal and administrative support services that help ensure compliance with the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) Act of 1990, the Government Management and Reform Act of 1994, and the Financial Management and Improvement Act of 1996.

IFAS is experienced in developing comprehensive cost estimates through the development of cost artifacts such as Lifecycle Cost Estimates, Business Case Analysis, and Analysis of Alternatives, utilizing various tools such as ACEIT, which are vital to making effective program management decisions.

We assist our clients by ensuring compliance with financial management and accounting requirements and reform initiatives such as Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) accounting statements/concepts, OMB circulars and bulletins, the DoD Financial Management Regulation, and other Federal/DoD requirements.

Our team provides technical portfolio data/statistical analysis, modeling and simulation analysis, cost analysis, assessments of systems acquisition and programs, risk assessments, Earned Value Management (EVM), Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs), and technology readiness assessments, that are compliant with DoD guidance, mandates, and standards.

We provide technical expertise to develop detailed performance assessments to support clients such as CFO/CFEs who want to optimize performance by combining information from various departments with financial data.

Integrated Mission Solutions

We provide Integrated Mission Solutions ensuring that all necessary operational support requirements are met to achieve mission success. We have supported missions throughout the world from the United States to Iraq. Our innovative approaches and proven tools help keep clients mission-ready while optimizing limited resources, and our logistics operations keep them equipped at every step in any location.

With the amount of data flowing into and out of organizations, the need to inspect, cleanse, transform, and model data to aid in decision making becomes increasingly important. We empower our customers with a clear and effective way to understand their data.

IFAS assists agencies and organizations transform how they operate to meet the changing demands of their mission while gaining efficiency and cutting operational costs.

Our integrated acquisition solutions are designed to work with government managers and contracting officers to define and understand programmatic, technical, and cost baselines for critical needs at all stages of the procurement lifecycle.

Our capabilities run the gamut, from managing logistics and supply chain operations, to predicting and mitigating risks, ensuring that operational and mission objectives are met.

Our Program Management Professionals (PMPs) make your mission our mission, balancing strategic objectives with schedule and budget realities. They develop integration standards, processes and methodologies through the use of program metrics and tools; Perform cross functional analysis for data sharing through corporate/shared data structures

IFAS has the expertise to provide technical assistance to capital investment and decision support functions, providing the analysis and risk assessment, aligning resource allocation to organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

Our Subject Matter Experts assist in systems sustainment by Identifying and mitigating design, production, and test deficiencies threatening mission success.

IFAS provides end-to-end administrative support functions, from mail handling, logistics, meeting preparation and execution, and document preparation, to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Cases; FOIA Case Management system support.

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