Integrated Financial Solutions

We use a cross-functional initiative involving the radical redesign of business processes to bring about simultaneous changes in culture, structure, and information technology that produce dramatic performance improvements.

Financial Management Systems Operations and Support

Through our knowledge of interpreting and applying generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to critical functions such as Accounting Operations, Financial Policies and Procedures, and Financial Control and Reporting, we understand the end-to-end financial business processes and expected results, maximizing your financial systems.

Planning, Programming, Budget and Execution

Our budgeting expertise and knowledge directly supports federal government performance management initiatives through federal-specific functions that include budget formulation, justification and defense and budget execution in line with client strategic and tactical priorities.

Accounting Operations

IFAS provides transaction processing and analysis in support of DWCF and General Fund operations, providing financial, functional, technical, A-123, Audit Readiness, Compliance Audit, FISMA Audit, Forensic Accounting, and Analytical support.

Cost Estimation and Analysis

IFAS is experienced in developing comprehensive cost estimates through the development of cost artifacts such as Life Cycle Cost Estimates, Business Case Analysis, and Analysis of Alternatives, utilizing various tools such as ACEIT, which are vital to making effective program management decisions.

Statistical Modeling

Our Data Scientists are skilled in data mining and statistical analysis by applying various modeling and analytic methods, while communicating results in user friendly dashboard visuals.

System Development and Implementation

We assist clients in defining how the system should be designed based off operational needs ensuring that the system is effectively deployed and that it meets quality assurance standards.

Lifecycle Acquisition

At every stage of the acquisition process and over the operational life-cycle we utilize up to DAWAII Level 3 certified acquisition professionals to manage risks, reduce costs, maintain complete transparency, and deliver on stakeholder requirements.


We develop financial management and operations training materials available for delivery to end users via self-paced learning, classroom presentations, virtual learning, or a combination of all three.
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Integrated Financial Solutions Expertise


Our experts provide insight on the latest news and events in the integrated financial solutions space.

Who We’ve Helped Headline

The IFAS contractors are amiable, conscientious, and able to turn on a dime to help whenever asked. We can count on them 100% of the time to help meet all data calls on time, maintain Agency contract file inventory, track contract deobligations and close-outs, coordinate invoicing, provide liaison with our building's management office to ensure Agency spaces are properly maintained, coordinate technical requirements with the IT staff, and generally keep the operation running smoothly.
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