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CEO’s Message

IFAS was established to be a different kind of company – one that has the practices and capabilities of a large company with the accessibility, agility, and responsiveness of a small firm.

From our inception, we placed the utmost importance on upholding an unwavering commitment to our key stakeholders – customers and employees. We also recognize that participating in the welfare of our communities is important.

IFAS cares and does so by giving back to the communities in which we live and work realizing that our company has an impact on our communities and the environment. I simply refer to this as paying earth rent.

Over the years IFAS has experienced extraordinary growth and change thanks largely to our continued commitment to teamwork placing the trust of our customers above all else. We’ve grown our business substantially, yet managed to never waver from our promise to deliver the very best service to our valued customers. We’ve successfully reached key milestones, tripled our sales since inception and strengthened our position in the government contracting arena in the face of challenging economic conditions. We plan to continue responding to market challenges and expand our lines of services in order to engage a wider customer base. We also believe it is important to maintain a high performance work environment that is participative by its very nature where the actions by all are in support of fulfilling continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Our progress in the immediate future will be measured in terms of our ability to forge strategic alliances in the global marketplace. These partnerships will provide IFAS with a broader perspective and unique avenues to increase market share. Regardless of whether these prospective alliances offer complementary technologies or attractive opportunities for market penetration, we plan to be highly selective and pursue only those relationships that will yield the best long-term value for all parties involved—and that includes the customer. We’ve set increasingly ambitious goals for ourselves, but we have the intense vision and resources to achieve them. Our goals are aggressive, yet achievable. We hear the markets’ demands and we are ready to meet their challenges. Watch us closely; the next five years will be a defining notch in IFAS’ timeline.

I praise each of our employees for making these past years such an exhilarating success, even in turbulent times. I would also like to extend my thanks to our customers for their unfailing sense of devotion, responsibility, guidance and support.

Tabatha Turman