About Devang Patel, PMP

Experience & Expertise

Devang Patel joined us in 2017 as Vice-President of Civil where he will serve as the central point-of-contact for program performance and operations including developing strategic and operational services to ensure client agencies meet their goals based on departmental priorities and strategic objectives. These services include improvements in IT program performance, new strategies and methods of information sharing, enhanced information assurance, and implementation of enterprise resource management programs. He brings 17 years of experience working with federal management consulting and commercial systems integration companies. He spent the last 8 years at XLA prior to joining the firm as the Director of Homeland and Justice where he led and supervised ventures involving the DHS ICE and TSA as well as DLA, DEA, EPA. His experience in portfolio management, mission support, acquisition management, financial analysis, and technology integration brings a distinct perspective to the firm.

At DHS he lead the overall program management of the personnel and service delivery to Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Electronic Surveillance and Evidentiary Systems (ESES) Program to include Engineering Process Improvement Strategy Development which encompasses supporting the Network Modeling, Optimization, Location Technologies, Infrastructure Evaluation, and Deployment.

At ICE Enforcement Removal Operations (ERO) Custody Programs Support he was the Program Manager for the telephonic and non-telephonic trends, volume, demographics, and operator metrics through his understanding of detention operations, standards and policies which is now supports the Victims of Crime Engagement (VOICE) program

At ICE OCIO he assisted DHS ICE program managers by providing Subject Matter Expertise in Acquisition Lifecycle Framework (ALF), Acquisition Review Process (ARP), and associated Acquisition Review Board (ARB) for over 12 programs supporting DHS ICE HSI and ERO in compliance with DHS Acquisition Directive (AD) 102-01.

Devang graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Management Science and Information Systems. He is a PMP and also received his Masters of Science Certificate from Villanova University.